More about the project
The brief
Squaducation is an online classroom resource that supports history teachers across KS 1- 3. The original brief was to create a brand concept to differentiate itself from other History Resources, such as Horrible Histories, and deliver a series of short, 1 minute films in the classroom.
The idea is to eventually build a resource of up to 700 films.
Our solution
The Post People recommended a mixture of green screen and graphics to differentiate squaducation from its competitors. The Post People now manage the ongoing green screen, graphic and titling for all of the 60 second histoires films – currently 190 films have been produced and a further 100 are planned for 2016.
The templated system is created and managed by The Post People, for ongoing work. The The Post People has invested in a 444 colour sampling 4k camera for future green screen and chromakey workflow improvements and efficiencies.
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